Welcome to the Bleach Burning Worlds WikiEdit

This is a Wikia page made for the Bleach Burning Worlds RP and soon to be RPG once it is finished. Here is where you shall find the information that you will need for Story plots and everything. Please note that this role play does have events of Characters from the Hit anime/manga Bleach but we are not here to take any credit for what has been made in that show. All things bleach are owned by the people who publish it and Tite Kubo. We just like to make spin offs from the show and add to it. Remember this is made by the fans for the fans. It's all in good fun.

Notice to all who read hereEdit

This Wiki page is all for the Site Bleach Burning Worlds whose history differs from the Anime/Manga of the Show. Please do keep that in mind as you read around. The site for this Wiki page that it was made after is here: Bleach Burning Worlds

News on the Main Site/RpEdit

6/3/2014- We are currently starting the Rp back up into full gear with members returning into full swing after so long of being inactive. New things have been added to the site: A review system that shall allow Admin or mod to post up reviews on suggested games/anime/manga and movies alike, A fanfic section is under developement so do keep an eye out on it. Our Twitter page and FB page are now back in use as well and so is the site email, so follow or like the pages and if there is a problem with the site don't forget to send an email so the admin can work on it as quickly as possible.

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